Job Description :
Project Description:
Job Title: QA Engineer
Duration of assignment: 6 months
Location: Seattle WA 98121

The Role:
As a Quality Assurance Engineer working on rendering , you’ll work closely with product and engineering teams to develop and execute test plans that ensure our customers get what they want. You’ll navigate through complex code to better understand features and to ensure our software development engineers continue to deliver quality software. You’ll test code manually and with automated tools using black box, gray box, and white box testing techniques. You’ll debug complex problems using log files and will write automated tests with Java, Perl and other languages. You’ll be responsible for driving the software development process toward quality-centric methodologies.

Demonstrated track record of delivering test automation, quality requirements, designing functional and performance test suites and producing deliverables that exceed commitments.
Responsible for the architecture of test automation solutions, determining current limitations and compatibilities between subsystems, the selection of new concepts and methodology, and the development of major routines and utilities.
Generation of metrics and information that improve development practices on the team
Review and critique of technical requirements and software design specifications and software implementation.
Instilling best practices for test suite automation and frameworks and documentation, making sure designs meet requirements, and delivering high quality software on tight schedules.

Basic Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in computer science or a related field
2+ years of software QA experience
Strong knowledge of QA methodology and tools
Experience in writing test plans, test automation, or test cases
Background in test automation using Java and applicable languages.
Working knowledge of common automation frameworks such as JUnit or TestNG
Ability to understand technical specifications and analyze log files
Excellent written and spoken communication

Preferred Qualifications
Any experience with testing layout/rendering systems such as Trident or Gecko
Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to present complex technical information in a clear and concise manner to executives and non-technical leaders.
Engineering process expertise, with a full understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) principles.
Robust project planning/execution skills including estimating, scheduling, and executing on committed schedules.
Excellent judgment, organizational, and problem solving skills.
One or more years of Mobile Testing/QA experience.
Ability to understand and passion for utilizing mobile devices.
Two years’ experience in UI Automation (preferably on mobile platforms
Ability to quickly learn and apply complex technical information to mobile testing situations.
Adaptability and attention to finalizing testing details and duties amidst aggressive time challenges.
Takes full ownership of end-user quality, usability and appeal.
Multilingual / Internationalization Experience.

Tell me about your team and how this resource will fit in?
Kindle Rendering team. Responsible for validating the YJ format (Kindle format for books The team validates the conversion is rendered correctly. Also validates all markups.

Project Description (include why the need exists)
Covering a Maternity Leave
Rendering testing across all devices. iOS, Android, PC, Mac, etc.

What does a typical work day entail? (Overtime, schedule, etc) Remote work?
Clear cut expectations. They will come in and have a queue of tasks, certain criteria for monthly releases.

Can you describe the team culture in your department?
Pretty tight-knit team. Very diverse team.

Length of Assignment? Is there any possibility the project could go longer?
6 months, not much chance of extension.

Is your goal to consider this candidate for FTE status
Yes conversion is a possibility

What are the must have skills you are looking for in this contingent worker?
Strong history of delivering complex projects.

What are the soft skills or leadership principles that you believe candidates must possess to be successful in this position?
Strong bias for Action. Deliver results.

How do you want to conduct interviews? (Phone, face to face, panel)
Phone screen, then an onsite mini-loop