Job Description :
10/4 - Updated Mgr. Notes. - Candidate must have manual installation and configuration experience, and be proficient at the Linux command line. Must be available to participate in a scheduled pager rotation for on-call support. This position requires frequent interaction with managers and developers, as well as the creation of operational support documentation. As the only middleware engineer assigned to a project, the candidate must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, be able to work under the pressure of deadlines, and have the ability to calm heated situations. Work location is Charlotte, NC.
Organization Distribution:


Must be strong with the following:
JBOSS on Windows,
and preferably some ISS, Tomcat, and Apache, in that order,
all on Windows.
5+ years experience in web systems environments which includes:
web application installations,
and deployment as well as
any servers/ systems that support / host web applications.