Job Description :
AWS and Cloud database knowledge - Non locals acceptable

1) Experience with AWS environment for development/setup.

2) Knowledge of Amazon Relational database like Aurora, RDS, RedShift, DynamoDB etc.

3) Knowledge AWS Database Migration Service

4) Knowledge of rackspace cloud

5) Scripting knowledge

6) Hand-on Knowledge of Oracle and no-SQL database.

7) Good communication and experience required.

Performance Engineering with knowledges of AWS in Austin – NON LOCAL ACCEPTABLE

1. Strong hardware and software debugging skills, such as understanding concepts related to caching, rate limiting, memory utilization, GC, cpu cycles, network throughput
2. Experience of performance analysis with large scale system.
3. Direct hands-on experience with performance diagnostics, performance architecture design, performance tuning, performance monitoring.
4. Good hands on experience with JMeter script development.
5. Experience with AWS environment for development/setup.
6. Programming skills with OOPs concept and language like Java.
7. Good understanding of SOA
8. Servers, Tools & Programming Languages :
Tomcat, Nginx, Apache
Java, GoLang, Shell scripting, HTML, JS, CSS, RESTful web services,
HTTP Request/Response debugging
Linux CPU, Load Avg and related concepts understanding
9. Good knowledge with log analysis tools like Splunk.