Job Description :
Title: Java developer/architect
Location: Allen Park, MI
Duration: 12 Months

Position Description:
MPS- Software Engineer . Develops application software using the cloud foundry architecture that quickly delivers business value according to the problem context defined by the product manager. . Uses the test driven development methodology to realize the technical solution. . Pairs with other software engineers to cooperatively deliver user stories. . Develops components across all tiers of the application stack and is proficient in multiple programming languages. . Continuously integrates and deploys developed software. Updates the continuous integration/deployment scripts as necessary to improve continuous integration practices. . Consults with product manager to identify minimal viable product and decomposes feature set into small scoped user stories. - EEIT . Experience building distributed / service oriented / micro-service-style and cloud-based architectures . Experience and familiarity building modern Spring applications with Spring Boot; strong background with Spring and related projects . Experience building enterprise applications, including integration with Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) systems . Experience building and operating distributed, concurrent systems . Solve highly complex technical problems using industry best practices . 8+ years of software development experience

Skills Required:
Must be a consultant level Java developer/architect and have deep knowledge in object oriented design and software development. . Comprehensive understanding of relational database and NoSQL database and flat file processing concepts . Experience in working with Oracle or MS SQL Server or NoSQL databases (minimum 5 years of experience) . Proficient in object oriented development and Java Enterprise concepts (minimum 5 years of experience) . Experience with the following tools and technologies: - Spring Platform (Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring JDBC, Spring Cloud) (minimum 3 years of experience) - Cloud Native Development on Pivotal Cloud Foundry Platform or similar (minimum 2 years of experience) - Micro-services development (minimum 1 year of experience) - Development of Web Services REST/SOAP/WSDL/XML/SOA (minimum 2 years of experience) - Continuous Integration tools (Jenkins CI or similar) - Builds on Pivotal Cloud Foundry Platform(Gradle, GitHub) (minimum 1 year of experience) - Unit testing frameworks (minimum 3 years of experience)

Experience Preferred:
Experience with code quality api/tool (SonarQube) . Experience with Service interaction api/tool (Swagger), . Experience with logging/tracings api/tool (Spring sleuth) . Understanding of Circuit Breaker functions like Hystrix . Experience working in a cloud native work environment . Understanding of Gemfire, Greenplum data stores . Understanding Spring Cloud Data, Spring Security, OAuth, Service monitoring on Cloud . Understanding of various file formats and methods of data communication (flat file, XML, Web Services, etc . Familiar with extreme programming, test-driven development, pairing, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and related techniques * OVER TARGET BIDS WILL BE CONSIDERED * . Great written and verbal communication skills, capable of public speaking and presenting in front of customers, IT management, etc. . Comfortable in new situations with new clients

Education Required:
Computer Science or other IT related degree