Job Description :
We are Looking for a java Java UI Developer (Angular JS)
Locals preferred

1.Please have candidate share their best code samples/test cases and documents, something that helps us understand the candidate’s coding philosophy. The code/document must be candidate’s original work and not done by anyone else. Presentation format is not important. Even if it is a few different files which don’t work + screenshots of code organization/folder structure etc, we are ok with it as long as we understand how the candidate thinks and designs/programs/test.
2.Please have candidate submit a brief description of their background particularly summarizing their last 2 years of work history. This is not their resume but this should illustrate specifically their role in the teams and projects and specific duties on a day to day basis
3.Please have candidate submit a hard problem they had to solve and how they went about it.
4.We may choose to send candidate a problem some time before the interview and would like to have them submit a solution and walk us through during interview.
1.Interview will be broad technical and behavioral and will be used to assess candidate’s technical and communication skills and fit in our team
2.All interviews will be face to face for local candidates and skype video for remote candidate

This position will design, develop & test responsive web and mobile components for one or more large scale enterprise applications. Experience in Java or .Net is not important but very strong Java script & front end development experience is a must.

·         Deliver a complete front end application in NodeJS
·         Ensure high performance web and mobile application
·         Writing high quality tested, idiomatic and documented Javascript, HTML and CSS
·         Key team member in agile development team with ability to flex according to business needs. Experience in Scrum methodology and understanding of team member role and definition of “done”.

·         Extremely strong Javascript experience.
·         Javascript design patterns, exception handling and performance.
Experienced in using Protractor, Karma, Jasmine testing framework. Must demonstrate his code coverage through samples
·         -Min 2 years Angular JS, NodeJS & Bootstrap implementation experience in a large multiple module application.
·         Skilled in code organization, refactoring, reusability and best practices with Javascript. Must demonstrate his clean code skills through samples
·         Skilled in performance tuning and user experience best practices.
·         Strong CSS, SASS knowledge
·         Passionate for very high coverage on Javascript unit & integration testing. Candidate without high degree of demonstrated code coverage & automated testing will not be selected
·         Extremely strong communication skills. Take task ownership and have a strong desire to learn.