Job Description :
We need Solid candidates with the background mentioned below.

We are looking for Solid Candidate with Core Java and Unit Testing experience/ TDD.

Submission should contain Ratings on skill and tools mentioned below:-

1. Core Java concepts/OOPS concepts/ exception handling
2. Logical abilities and aptitude – we will be giving a live assignment to complete
3. How the candidate has done Unit testing (like using Junit, Mockito etc – LOTS of emphasis and weightage on this
4. Code quality and tools used to ensure code quality like SONARLint etc or from security compliance , what tools are used to ensure code security.
5. How the candidate has tested his own code like using postman for API testing

Unit testing

JUnit (Most preferred)
Mockito/PowerMock(Most preferred)
Code quality
SonarQube(Most preferred)
Security scan
HP Fortify(Most preferred)
API Testing tools