Job Description :
MUST BE USC OR GC- Face to Face meeting for interview
Senior IT Developer Technologies with technologies like Java, Python, Splunk, Graphite, Tomcat • Microservices Conversion – Help design and implement RESTful microservices to replace the current applications
These services will be designed with maximum flexibility in mind, and were able to be deployed to our local datacenter, as well as Google Cloud simultaneously with no manual intervention. •

Lead Bugfix Team – The application interfaces with many external systems that seemed to change often. Lead the team responsible for identifying and triaging issues that came up. Work ranges from creating monitoring scripts to speaking with store associates to working alongside other internal teams to address the issue. • SDLC/Standards Team – Member of the team responsible for ensuring that code standards were followed, correct development practices like branching and merging were done properly, and code quality was kept up to expectations.

Client : confidential