Job Description :
1. 10+ years of experience in Java, J2EE technologies ( Java8, Design patterns)
2. Proficient in designing restful contracts using Swagger
3. Understands the Rest maturity models
4. Strong abilities to perform design and code reviews.
5. Ability to lead and manage a team that is geographically distributed
1. Working with architecture and design leads across Organization
2. Conducting hands on POCs to prove concepts/products
3. Migration to internal and external clouds
4. Migration to Microservices architectures and patterns
5. Evaluating open source and vendor products
6. Leading small group of developers/scrum team
7. Able to design distributed applications.

Required Knowledge and Experience:
1. 3 - 5 years of experience in information technology building enterprise scale internet/customer facing systems at a Fortune 500 organization
2. Experience working in an Agile environment
3. Prior experience building internet scale web service/API platforms from the ground up
4. Strong understanding of OOP & SOA principles, Enterprise design patterns, industry best practices
5. Strong understanding of domain driven design, Microservices patterns and architectures
6. Experience implementing API gateway products like Apigee, CA-Layer 7, Mashery
7. Experience with Netflix OSS, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, Spring Batch, Spring Web Services
8. Strong understanding of Java concurrency, concurrency patterns, experience building thread safe code
9. Expert level experience designing and building REST and SOAP web services using Java @ internet scale
10. Experience with building messaging, event-driven architectures
11. Experience with multiple database platforms (RDBMS, NoSQL)
12. Experience with high volume, mission critical applications
13. Experience building distributed systems at Internet scale
14. Experience working in a fast-paced financial services/digital focused delivery environment
a. Strong written and verbal communication skills
b. Strong interpersonal skills and time management skills
c. Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills
d. Experience with tuning high volume applications
e. Thorough knowledge of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)
f. B.S or M.S (Computer Science preferred), should have proven course work in several computer software, algorithms, data structures, programming languages subject areas