Job Description :
Need Locals Only

Sunnyvale CA

Project: Supply Chain Application for 3rd party vendors

· Experience:

o Looking at code and making suggestions for improvements;

o Oracle Databases

o Supporting, Troubleshooting product with code.

o Strong Hibernate background

Java/J2EE developer/support engineer

Apart from the usual good engineering & software development skills, I’m looking for someone who has worked with large scale distributed Java/J2EE app development, java app profiling, memory debugging, strong JDBC/Hibernate ORM background, strong SQL & database skills preferably Oracle, be able to understand, analyze & tune code for performance.

Need someone with depth in server side programming, especially thread programming. We need someone who is a strong java backend developer, worked with J2EE technologies such as JDBC, JMS, JPA, Servlet/JSPs as well as Spring. Strong in java performance analysis and tuning using heap dumps/thread dump & GC logs.

What would be a big plus is someone who has worked with high volume , large data applications

Heap memory/dump analysis
Thread dump analysis
GC Log analysis and heap tuning
Profiling java application using Jprofiler or Yourkit or other tools)
Worked on java version 1.7 or higher.
Maintaining/fixing of large java applications
Refactoring code & instrumenting code for insight into applications
Worked Maven/Gradle build tools
Writing Junit/TestNG test for testing code