Job Description :
Proven experience identifying Java 1.5/1.6 garbage collection issues and tuning JVM (knowledge of thread dumps / code dumps) parameters for high throughput or low latency
Proficient in JDBC programming. Also have experience with Java Persistence API (JPA) and Hibernate as object/relational mapper
Broad experience in overall system design and implementation
Ability to design scalable systems
An understanding of domain modeling and fluent interfaces
Experience applying design patterns in concurrency scenarios
Language Proficiency in JavaScript and a JVM Language such as Java or Scala.
Familiarity with Web technologies (HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript, and SVG) and web standards (HTML5)
Experience separating concerns in a distributed system
Proven experience in designing persistence and caching models using both SQL and NoSQL (MongoDB)
Experience with JavaScript frameworks, e.g. Backbone, d3, Angular
Excellent communication and collaboration skills
Excellent debugging skills
Hands on experience using SpringMVC

Bachelors or Master''s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering with relevant industry experience

Client : Permanent Position