Job Description :
Mandatory Skills:

· Expert-level knowledge of JavaScript and design patterns, CSS(SCSS), HTML

· Ability to write code that can support modular/scalable UI architecture

· Proficiency in modern MVMVC, MVVM, etc) framework(s) e.g. Angular, Backbonejs, ExtJS, etc…

· Proficiency with UI testing using third party tools e.g. cucumber/capybara, karma, mocha or jasmine, etc…

· Solid understanding of the full web stack (e.g. HTTP, headers, caching, etc

· Experience with unit testing tools like Junit, Mockito, Spock

· Experience with any single page application

· Product development or large scale web app development

· Micro Services

· Working skills with the following tools and technologies: Java, IntelliJ, Jenkins, REST, Groovy, Elastic, MongoDB, RabbitMQ

Preferred Skills :

· Familiar with RESTful API design

· Familiarity or experience with Elastic/SOLR.

· Familiar with modern CSS libraries or view libraries e.g. Bootstrap, Angular Material, etc

· Familiar with UI build tools e.g. gulp, grunt etc…

· Familiar with Continuous Integration(CI) / Continuous Delivery(CD)

· Familiar with ES2015(ES6), TypeScript, etc…

· Familiar with RESTful API design

· Preferably a bachelor''s degree in computer science or equivalent

· Familiarity with Micro Service architecture

· Full Stack development experience

· Familiar with architectural patterns of a large, high-scale web application (e.g., well-designed APIs, distributed architecture, 12 factor apps)

· Knowledge and interest in Test Driven Development (TDD) is a good skill to have.

· Knowledge and interest in Paired programming is not required but a good skill to have.