Job Description :
Position: Java Developer

Location: San Jose, CA

Duration: Long term

Job Description

To be responsible for managing technology in projects and providing technical guidance / solutions for work completion

(1 To be responsible for providing technical guidance / solutions

(2 To develop and guide the team members in enhancing their technical capabilities and increasing productivity

(3 TO ensure process compliance in the assigned module| and participate in technical discussions/review.

(4 To prepare and submit status reports for minimizing exposure and risks on the project or closure of escalations.

For networking, please look for searching strings like "SNMP, TCP / IP, NMS, Network Management, Devices, Cisco, Juniper" etc.

Must be a Java programmer who has worked in Networking domain. Will provide fixes for customer found bugs / critical issues.

Candidate should be strong in Java / NMS / Unix / Hibernate / Spring and should be trouble shooting NMS code