Job Description :
Job Id: MN-298-Java2 (912090126)
Java Developer with Design, JSF, framework, MVC/Domain-driven architecture, WebSphere/JBoss/Tomcat, JMS, Quartz scheduling, Hudson/Jenkins, RDBMS data migrations and government(Must) experience
Location: St.Paul, MN (Department of Commerce)
Duration: 12 Months
Agency Interview Type: In-person only
No of resumes: 03
5 years’ combined experience with Core Java with design patterns and JSF framework
5 years’ combined experience with Spring full stack/EJB3 with JPA, Hibernate, MVC/Domain-driven architecture
3 years’ of experience with Application Servers (i.e. WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat)
3 years’ of experience with Application Servers (i.e. WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat)
3 years’ combined experience with JMS, Quartz scheduling, Hudson/Jenkins
2 years’ experience with RDBMS data migrations
4 years; combined experience with Maven/Gradle, Junit
3 years’ of experience with modernization projects in Java/JEE environment
2 engagements of at least 12 months inpublic sector environment (i.e., State, County, City, Municipality) on an application development project
Knowledge of State and local government agencies’ authorities and responsibilities and the legislative development processes.
Project Deliverables
The team will provide design, coding, testing and technical documentation for the following modules of eHEAT using Java/JEE technologies and supporting frameworks:
Household Application Submissions
Application processing
Benefits determinations
Payment processing
A16/Responsive Energy Self-Sufficiency (ESS)
Outreach Tools
Grants Management
Vendor management
Mechanical Contractor Information
Security Management
Data Integration
Data Migration from SQL Server to SQL Server
The deliverables identified above will also address the following desired features of the modules using
Java/JEE technologies and supporting frameworks:
Household Application Submissions
o Electronic submissions
o Use of multiple languages
o Accessible access for persons with disabilities
o Accommodations for applicants who cannot access services electronically
Application processing
o Standardized application processing workflows
o Eligibility determination
o Income verification
o Applicant identification
o Accommodations for applicants who cannot electronically verify income or identification
Benefits determinations
o Use of the Primary Heat benefit formula
o Crisis or emergency requests for energy related repairs (ERR) Payment Processing
o To energy vendors and mechanical contractors
A16/Responsive Energy Self – Sufficiency (ESS)
o Services and tools
o Exploring methods for sharing information to enable access to other programs (e.g., allowing access to information necessary for eligibility determination
Outreach tools
o Tracking and access to information
o Notifications to households, users and others
o Communications tracking
o WAP information exchange
Grants management
o Including budgeting, allocating, expense tracking, cash requests, reporting
Vendor management
o Gathering consumption and customer status
o Program participation in others services (e.g. affordability, discount)
o Consideration of non-electronic accessibility
o Vendor agreements
Mechanical Contractor Management
o Communication
o Information about events (e.g., inspection information)
o Certification(s) (e.g., W-9) & possible agreement
o Procurement
o For performance management, reporting, program auditing, and vendor monitoring
Security Management
o Online verification
o User agreements
o Technical security: firewalls, encryption etc.
o Compliance to Statewide and other regulatory standards
o Identity management and role based authorization
Data Integration
o WAP software
o Re-engineered Service Provider audits
o Sever provider data systems
o Energy Vendor portals
o A16 program development
o SWIFT and other fiscal systems
o Accessibility