Job Description :
I have 10 Open Java positions (all same description below – need 10 People)
These positions all have the option to hire after 6 months.

Client does a rigorous background check / Employment check / Education check

I expect to see resumes with complete education on them
I expect Candidates to have real references
I expect Candidates to be on LinkedIN

Java Developer
Pittsburgh, PA.
Contract / Contract to hire
Phone and Skype

Job Summary/Description:

Java , SQL, PL/SQL, Weblogic , Spring Framework, JMS.
Contractor will work on application development tasks using Java.
Contractor will work on web application development.
Contractor must be experienced in developing larger complex Java systems that contained 100+ database tables.
Contractor should be able to start developing immediately upon arrival with little or no help. . Excellent communication skills are required.
The contractor must demonstrate strong initiative and the ability to work independently.