Job Description :
Position: Java Developer
Location: Walnut Creek, CA.
Duration: long term

Special Notes based on discussion with Hiring Manager:-

Candidates will have to clear coding test and then will have panel interview.
It’s a 4 member panel and there will be 2 types of interview
o Panel members will pick up any project from resume and then based on what candidate explains, he will be further questioned on technologies, database, CI/CD
o Scenario based interview. He / She will be given a scenario and based on solution he / she provides, they will be questioned further.

Job Description:

Extensive engineering experience and a proven track record in e-commerce, enterprise, high performance, large scale web technologies including cloud based APIs and protocols (SOAP, REST, JSON)
Thought leader, hands-on contributor, and decision maker known for solving difficult software engineering problems
Excellent Java coding skills
Experience in payments or high transactional systems
Significant experience managing, troubleshooting and working on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems
Experience mentoring / developing an engineering community on complex technical issues
Experience with Kafka and Hadoop is a plus
BSCS or equivalent, MS preferred

What is the screening process (Number of interviews):
Online testing – like Hackerrank, Coderio
Interviews – one or two technical rounds of face2face or using coderpad; another about tools and experiences