Job Description :
Skill sets needed:
Java: XML, JSON, Spring, Collections, Multi-threading, Events.
Python: Basic skills (1 year exposure will do
Details of the skills as per the project need:
Java: Zookeeper Curator, Guava, Logging (slf4j, logback, log4j), Junit.
Python libraries for: Zookeeper, RESTful, OpenStack, Events.
OpenStack: Horizon, Nova, Ceilometer, Swift, Heat, Cinder, Glance, Neutron, KeyStone.
Build: Gradle, Maven, Ant, Jenkins.
Good To have:
Third Party Tools: CollectD, SNMP, Karaf, Yang, Yaml, OSGi
Work Summary:
Work on a modularized and distributed service framework to perform life cycle management of virtual network functions based on ETSI standard.
Develop high availability Micro-services with a distributed database to orchestrate cloud platform and virtual network services.