Job Description :
Statement of Work:

Required skills:
· Develop fast, reliable and scalable web applications and services using Java, Spring MVC, JQuery, Angular, Oracle PL/SQL, HTML5, CSS, Graphic Design and related technologies while following the established software development life cycle in a team environment
· Contribute design and applications architecture decisions while staying within the framework of the existing applications.
· Work with team members and stakeholders to implement user friendly, intuitive, and accessible client interfaces.
· Mentor and train other team members, where applicable.
· On-site, Monday through Friday is required. Telecommuting is not an option

Scoring criteria:
· Web Development with Angular, Javascript and JQuery - 18%
· Java Application development using Spring MVC - 18%
· Java Web Development using IntelliJ IDEA - 17%
· Oracle Database development using TOAD or SQL Developer
· and Oracle PL/SQL Stored Procedure Development - 17%
· Cost - 30%
· TOTAL 100%