Job Description :
Reporting Plant is a trading ancillary which offers support services to Clients with respect to their portfolio and fund management.
The primary aspect of this application is to offer a Reporting platform to generate and disseminate reports to Clients customized based on their fund preferences.
We are on the lookout to add a resource to our existing team who can contribute in adding further features and enhancements.
One key engagement rigor would be launching our platform on handheld devices which a key initiative we will embark upon.
There will a lot of opportunity to tackle challenges and proactively play several roles on this dynamic project.
Candidates should have Server side application in core Java to use PL/SQL to access the data for data profiling.
At least a minimal understanding of JVM internals.
Hands-on experience of JDK7. Knowing JDK8 functional programming is a big plus.
Familiar with JUnit testing tool and various Mocking library for unit and system testing.
Familiar with Linux platform and shell commands.

Client : DIRECT