Job Description :
Should have minimum 4 years of IT experience as a front end developer
The candidate should have prior experience on front end technologies involving advanced JavaScript implementation
The candidate should have performed client facing roles and possess excellent communication skills
Job responsibilities / Experience
Solid Experience in HTML5, Angular, CSS3 and responsive design concepts
Experience in one or more of the following Javascript frameworks: JQuery, BackboneJS, Bootstrap or RequireJS
Can write CSS and is interested in using newer technologies such as SCSS.
Can write Javascript code that calls server-side APIs over JSON.
Experience with browser differences and limitations and client- side performance
Is familiar with debugging tools for Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
Coordinates your work across teams to build a seamless feature.
Able to look at a UI mockup and implement it using Javascript, HTML, Angular and CSS.
Able to communicate thoughts on your own and others’ designs and implementations in a friendly and encouraging way.
Able to work independently or as part of a team.
Experience working in an Agile environment.