Job Description :
Skills Sets:
1. OOAD, Design Pattern, UML
2. Java, JSON, XML, SQL
3. J2EE, Web Services, REST, Spring Framework (Spring Boot, Spring Core, Spring Batch, Spring-ORM), CXF, Hibernate, Web Container (Tomcat/etc)
4. Oracle/SQL Server, JDBC, 4GL/Progress is a plus
5. Windows, Linux

1. Quality oriented design and development
2. Self-starter, who takes ownership and demonstrate accountability.
3. 10 or more years of Java experience managing application design, software development, maintenance and delivery with experience in application servers; e.g. Tomcat, Weblogic, Websphere
4. Understanding of security [e.g. HTTPs], authentication, authorization)
5. Ability to work with onshore and offshore groups, infrastructure, business, development, quality assurance, business analysts, support.
6. Experience in developing and working with highly concurrent, multi-threaded systems.
7. Experience designing N-tiered applications, with multi-tier architecture and production Internet architectures.
8. Ability to work with distributed teams.
9. Strong communication skills.
10. Legacy systems experience desirable.

Client : NA