Job Description :
Job Title: Java Developer
Location: Glendale, CA
Duration: 6 plus Months

Please reach out to me via email at vikram AT optizmglobal DOT com
Required Qualification:
Must have excellent soft skills. Must be a back end expert. This role will require a 4-5 hour
test so they must be prepped for that.

Basic Qualifications
5+ years of software engineering experience.
Real passion for coding and are solutions orientated
Knowledge on the latest happenings in the JVM-based server community.
A Github profile or ability to demonstrate coding skill.
Dedication to Object-oriented (OO) design.
Expertise on the different system layers and capacity to demonstrate

Design skills
Capability to use data structures and algorithms to solve problems.
Strong communication skills, and interest in a pair-programming environment.
Familiarity with CS fundamentals
Mastery of Java, Spring and REST APIs.
Demonstrated ability with Unit tests, Load testing for APIs, Git, Maven or
Gradle, ORM (e.g. (JPA, Hibernate) and Docker.
Familiarity with design patterns and anti-patterns.
Experience with concerns of application scale.
Experience with supporting code deployed to production and the changes to
an application needed to enable effective support

Preferred Qualifications
Test Driven Development (TDD) and agile methodologies.
Postgres, RDS, or noSQL
Explicit monitoring