Job Description :
Role : Java Developer
Location : Brooklyn, NY
Duration : Long Term

1. Good at Technology components’ Architecture on Java/JEE Stack with Weblogic 10.3.x /12g/Tomcat 7.x App Server platform. Thorough understanding of the components and performance in the weblogic/Tomcat server environment.
2. Good knowledge about JDK1.7/1.8 and JEE1.6/1.7 specificatioins. Expertise in Core Java patterns, GOF patterns related to the Object creation, Object structure and Object behaviors.
3. Candidate should have good knowledge about the Servlet engine and especially with Servlet 2.0/3.x Specification, JSP1.0/1.1, Servlet Filters, working knowledge in the EJB and understanding of the MVC1.0, MVC2.0 Architecture styles.
4. Expertise in the Instrumentation projects in the Java/JEE space, have done Performance Improvements in the high volumes/transactions environment.
5. Expertise in writing performance efficient code using JDBC2.0/3.0, and have implemented some kind of Cache implementations using Java frameworks.
6. Expertise in building efficient Javascript based applications and understand efficient JavaScript patterns for performance criteria.
7. Good at Maven/Ant based Build platforms and able to Integrate with Jenkins/Hudson or equivalent Artifactory technology.
8. Thorough understanding of Deployment models on Production containing Apache Proxy, Weblogic/Tomcat Cluster and Http/State replication across the nodes.
9. Good at using SVN/GIT SCM models and thorough understanding about the Branching, Merging and tagging strategies.
10. Expertise in using Eclipse IDE with Plug-ins like Checkstyle, PMD and Findbugs, Code review plugins like Sonar or equivalent.
11. Able to do mature code reviews and able to help lead the development teams towards Code quality and thorough hands-on experience.
12. Good at collaborating with Customers and with excellent communication and Analytical skills.
13. Good understanding or knowledge about the writing the Unit tests using Junit/mockit/LISA or equivalent frameworks.
14. Good knowledge in Performance load tests, concepts, concurrent users, Data volumes and their role in the Architectural/Technology components.

Client : Confidential