Job Description :
Mandatory Technical Skills

Primary Skills:
- 5 years of experience with any of JVM languages like Java, Scala or Clojure
- Be familiar with functional languages
- At least 1 year of experience with Clojure
- Have working experience with any of the streaming solutions like Storm, Flink, Flume or similar
- Working knowledge of message queues
- Knowledge of graph algorithms
- Basic understanding of working with databases

In Clojure,
- Have strong grip of core functions in the language
- Have working knowledge of Clojure concurrency constructs like atom and agent.
- Familiarity with core.async, futures etc

Desirable Technical Skills
Working knowledge of Storm

Mandatory Functional Skills
*Eloquently interact with Clients, understand requirements
- Effectively translate Client requirements to System Framework Design Plan
- Effectively Design, Develop, Test and Roll-out Projects
- Proficiently analyze data and expand on knowledge on data over time
- Efficiently manage priorities and organize project deliveries & tasks in an agile and demanding environment
- Effectively work in a Multi-vendor environment across cross-functional teams to achieve project goals
- Be technically adept to understand design, validate estimates and exhibit technical smartness to clients
- Build excellent rapports with client through effective communications and self-driven innovative solutions to client’s pain points