Job Description :
Role: Java Architect
Location: Milwaukee, WI

Must have ?
· At least eight years of experience in JAVA, or JAVA-based technologies, with current hands-on capabilities.
· Very strong written and verbal communication.
· Expertise on the UML Standard, with solid skills on sequence diagrams.
· Proven experience in the Spring Framework, mainly on Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.
· Proven experience in working with Agile methodologies, such as Scrum.
· Proven experience in DevOps methodologies, such as Continuous Delivery, GIT, amongst others,
· Proven experience in the implementation of NoSQL-based solutions.
· Proven experience in Microservice architecture, and knowledge of related concepts such as domain driven design, scalability, service discovery, load balancing, event-based sourcing, choreographies, eventual consistency, amongst others.
· Proven experience in API architecture, and knowledge of related concepts such as REST, internet Infrastructure, HTTP native cache, Querying/Filtering, versioning, JSON
· Strong experience in working with large scaled enterprise applications.
· Very strong design and data structure concept. Should be able to design the end to end systems.
· Strong experience in Google Cloud Platform, GKE, and OpenShift.
· Should have very good experience in building performance intensive, and highly secured applications.

Nice to have ?
· Technical writing skills, with the ability to document both concrete and abstract concepts to a wide variety of roles.
· Experience in the following products: Couchbase, Kong, Jenkins.
· Experience in the use of Cloud-provisioned resources, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, amongst others.
· Experience in the implementation of SQL-based solutions.