Job Description :
10+ years of experience designing, developing and leading software development and digital transformation projects.
7+ years of experience with Java and associated open source technologies, such as Spring Boot.
5+ years of experience with web-services, including microservices, REST and JSON standards.
4+ years of experience with Cloud native technologies, containerization and orchestration.
3+ years of experience with DevSecOps and delivery pipelines.
5+ years of design and development experience with database technologies.
5+ years of experience leading high-performance development teams using Agile methodologies.
Excellent communication skills with ability to articulate ideas clearly and concisely.

Familiarity with AWS platform – EC2 instances, S3 storage, Route 53, CloudFront, CloudFormation and Networking (VPC, subnets, security groups) etc.
Familiarity with NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB.
Familiarity with Search technologies, such as ElasticSearch.
Exposure to BI and Data Visualization technologies.
Exposure to AI and machine learning concepts and application