Job Description :
Java Apache Struts2 EJB Developer
Albany, NY
24 Months

Job Description:

Child support systems collect and distribute $1.7 billion in child support annually for 900,000 families. The ASSETS project replaces the CSMS on-line component of this system. ASSETS expands on current functionality to enhance child support collection and payment. ASSETS interfaces with the Unified Court Management System (UCMS) and Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement QUICK (Query Interstate Cases for Kids) systems. The ASSETS project team is working toward achieving federal certification as well as pursuing system enhancements to improve program area performance.

The approved consultant will:
Be a Senior Java programmer expected to work the ASSETS project to help convert our Stuts1 framework to a more modern Struts2 framework, as well as work on SOAP based web services.
This includes, estimating the time it would take to complete a task, be able to interpret Use cases to work on bug fixes and enhancements, and seek clarification from business analysts on requirements.

Candidates should have at least 84 months experience and a majority of the following should apply:
Each candidate should fill out the months of experience they have for each item in the table:
1. Minimum of 84+ months experience with writing Java software for an N-tier Java application for data display, system navigation, transactional processing, data persistence, and communications with non-Java systems. #of months
2. 84+ or more months experience developing with the Apache Stuts2 framework in java. #of months
3. 48 or more months experience in EJB 3 development and transaction management programming in a complex, large-scale environment involving the integration of J2EE applications with legacy mainframe environments. #of months
4. 36 or more months experience in proper application of standard design patterns (J2EE, GoF) to solve complex business problems. #of months
5. 48 or more months experience developing SOAP based web services with use of XML, JAXB in a J2EE environment. #of months
6. 36 or more moths experience with the development and use of Hibernate with an Oracle database. #of months
7. 36 or more month’s experience development using apache maven to build and manage project dependencies. #of months
8. 48 or more month’s experience in post development documentation. This may include creating wiki pages to describe code changes, or using visio to diagram the changes. #of months
9. 36 + months Creating Java Junit tests in order to automate testing for the project. #of months
10. Bachelor’s Degree #of months