Job Description :
Our Software Engineers work on multiple projects developing web-based applications using Java and open source technologies (Spring, Hibernate, Struts, SQL, Web Services, Tomcat, Maven, etc.
Develop utilities to make our API service implementations more consistent
Analyze the current API implementation to determine common design patterns
Produce documentation indicating best practices for our future API design
Develop utilities to aide developers in quickly building new services following our best practices
Work to improve our API validation routines and make them self-documenting
Develop a means of generating API documentation for all core services
Create a platform for leveraging core API documentation in implementation-specific workflow documentation
Work closely with the Integrations and Architecture teams to facilitate accurate documentation throughout our API
Improve our current API testing facilities to more thoroughly test the implementation of our services against the established best practices

Must have Skills
5+ years of object-oriented development experience, Java preferred
3+ years of web development experience including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MVC
3+ years of SQL development experience
5+ years of API design/documentation experience; Prefer several different APIs (REST API experience a must)
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field
Proven ability to adapt well in a fast paced environment