Job Description :
Role: Software Engineer
Location: Boston, MA
Work Type: Full-time

Job-Specific Responsibilities:
Create and maintain sophisticated and highly visible web applications
Work with smart and creative people
Solve interesting software engineering and computer science problems
Use industry-leading technologies

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
Work closely with technical leadership to manifest evolving requirements into a working suite of applications
Implement RESTful web services using Java, Spring, and Hibernate
Implement front-end designs using HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and Javascript frameworks/tools like React, Redux, AngularJS, etc.
Develop appropriate unit tests, and adhere to coding standards and best practices established by technical leadership

Basic Qualifications:
BA/BS in computer science.
The candidate will have 2 years of experience in software development.

Additional Qualifications:
M.S. in computer science or related field is preferred.
Ideal candidates will have professional experience with end-to-end development (front-end, RESTful web services, database design
Experience working with Agile methodologies (continuous integration, unit testing, SCRUM) is highly desirable.
Experience with React, Redux, Hibernate, and Spring is highly desirable.
Experience with similar front end technologies like AngularJS and extJS is also valuable.
Candidates should be comfortable collaborating with technical leadership, sponsors, and end-users.
Prior experience in the development of biomedical informatics applications and scientific software is highly desirable.