Job Description :
Duration ? 6 months
Location ? Seattle, WA
Rate: $market All inclusive

Experience Required
? Experience developing automated tests for microservices
? Experience developing integrated tests between components and across domains
? Experience developing test automation in Java or Scala
? Experience developing automated tests using or executing on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Docker containers
? Experience utilizing Cassandra, Akka or Kafka
? Experience working in a production DevOps team

? Analyze upcoming platform feature and service integrations for needed test coverage
? Creating test plans and test cases needed to ensure the quality of these features
? Developing automated tests and any test frameworks/extensions needed to support new cases
? Ensuring that automated tests are integrated and execute reliably in our CI/CD environments
? Analyzing daily test results for failures and filing appropriate defects
? Contribute test library and framework code to feature teams wherever applicable
? Work between platform feature teams and across integration partners to ensure that defects your tests identified are properly prioritized and driven to resolution

Developing, implementing, and sustaining test automation processes, practices, and controls in support of application and system requirement, development and test activities throughout the software development and sustainment lifecycles. Leads and consults on test automation strategy, requirement, design, implementation and execution.

The team you will be joining is building a cloud hosted platform utilizing microservice and reactive design principals. This role is focused on testing the integration and interactions between the components of this new platform as a whole as well as with existing Enterprise services feeding data into it. You will fully own the quality of your platform areas by defining what needs to be tested, developing/extending test frameworks, developing automated tests, and driving issues you identify to the appropriate resolution.

Analyze the overall platform architecture and upcoming capabilities roadmap for test automation needs
? Architect the overall test environment and infrastructure configuration
? Determine overall framework requirements and select best starting components
? Design E2E test harness to fully support CI/CD, Functional, and Integration testing
Ensure that the platform is prepared to deliver continuous integrated testing
? Identify hardware, software, and licenses needed for the QA team
? Ensure that QA team members deliver the test plans, framework and automation code on schedule in collaboration with the other engineering team sprints
? Ensure that the test automation from all team members is of high-quality and reliably runs as part of the overall team?s CI/CD process
? Evaluate team test results daily to ensure that any defects are identified, prioritized, and filed early for the appropriate feature team
? Ensure that automated test coverage is continuously increasing and also keeping pace with new services and features being delivered by the other engineering teams
Work between platform feature teams and across integration partners to ensure that defects your tests identified are properly prioritized and driven to resolution