Job Description :
any visa/tax term

Infrastructure engineer (RTLS)

Duration: 6 month CTH

Location: Palo Alto CA

Looking to source an infrastructure engineer (RTLS
RTLS real time located services track staff patience and
equipment s
RTLS: A real-time location system (RTLS) is one of a number of
technologies that detects the current geolocation of a target, which may be
anything from a vehicle to an item in a manufacturing plant to a person.
Will do other things with cellular as well
Networking experience, some stronger than others.
His need is more of an engineer, configuring, modify,
troubleshooting sensory network itself to make sure it is functioning
Not just a cable Jocky, need to have the hands on systems exp
with configuration
Minimum of 3 years
Key Words: Versus, Stanley AeroScout, Centrak, Hill-Rom
RTLS design
They will also need to know about factors involved with where to
place the sensors in each room some factors may be where the windows are,
lights, etc.
Power level
First stage in the project is designing workflows
Subject Matter Expert for the following:
Versus RTLS Real-Time Locating System
o Collaborated with Project Managers and Program Managers to implement
end-to-end Versus RTLS Sensors throughout the new Stanford Health Care(SHC)
o Helped lead the planning and designed of the placement of all sensors.
o Researched, budgeted and implied network devices to accommodate Versus
o Instructed implementation vendor to ensure proper RTLS Sensor placement
and installation.
o Helped lead the design of network rack diagrams and rack elevation
requirements using MS Visio to accommodate Versus RTLS and other network
vendor systems.
o Created Location Naming Conventions for over 3000 sensors.
o Helped lead coordination of construction project.
o Worked with Clinical Analysts to ensure RTLS Sensors are properly
InformaCast & Mir3 - Notification System to broadcast Emergency
messages to multiple SHC facilities using Cisco Phones.
o Created How-to documentation in properly using InformaCast.
Adding Users and Groups
Sending notifications to Users and Groups
o Performed notification testing to entire Stanford Health Care sites.
o Helped configure Mir3 Mass Notification and Emergency Notification
System to integrate with InformaCast.
o Created How-to documentation in properly using Mir3.
Adding Users and Groups
Sending notifications to Users and Groups
o Performed notification system from Mir3 into InformaCast using Cisco
desk phones and cellular phones.
Managed the implementation of Distributed Antenna System(DAS)
o Created/Performed Infection Control Risk Assessment(ICRA) and
Pre-Construction Risk Assessment(PCRA) prior to the DAS installation.
o Instructed implementation vendor to ensure the proper installation of
o Lead the coordination schedule with multiple hospital Managers to
ensure minimum traffic impact throughout the hospital.
o Lead implementation vendor to adhere the ICRA and PCRA regulations
throughout the project.
o Lead cellular vendors to integrate the DAS with the cellular systems.
Management the implementation of Radio Transmission Consoles for Security
Operations Center
o Performed a survey on the current network layout for the radio console
workstations and servers.
o Lead the Network Team to resolve multicast issues.
o Lead vendor to resolve Avtec Scout Console System version 4.1 issues.
o Lead the Field Service Engineers to troubleshoot workstation Consoles.