Job Description :
Infrastructure Manager

Harrisburg, PA

Full time


* Develop, implement, and maintain polies, procedures and associated
training plans for network and system administrators.
* Plan, acquire, and coordinate the installation of "in-house" and
remote hardware and software solutions across the organizations'' network.

* Prepare cost-benefits and return on investment analyses for proposed
systems to aid management in making implementation and purchasing decisions.
* Negotiate with vendors and contractors to secure products and
* Access and approve all equipment, hardware and software purchases
and upgrades.

* Effectively deal with rapid change in a positive manner and lead
staff through changing priorities.
* Implement process improvements to enhance the efficiency of current
operational procedures.

* Coordinate relations with and serve as a liaison between business
and IT users.
* Continually assess work processes and recommend changes which drive
operational excellence.

* Develop short-term and long-term department goals which support
long-term strategic goals.
* Manage the day-to-day operations of the department. Develop career
plans for team members and recommend training and development areas.
* Ensure the quality of work produced by the team is acceptable based
on established standards.
* Ensure the coordination and communication of production changes.



* Minimum three (3) years managing people or leading project teams.
* Minimum three (3) years of technical experience related to Network,
Server or Database operations.
* Knowledge of technical platforms and languages required for this

* Knowledge of the windows operating environment.
* Knowledge of database software.
* SQL Server (preferred, but not required)
* Education

* Bachelor''s degree in Business (or Management), Computer Science,
Engineering, or related discipline is required.
* Experience

* Experience in the Distribution industry
* Ability to lead complex initiatives and project teams.
* Ability to communicate topics and concepts to the team and a diverse

* Ability to handle multiple overlapping projects and competing
deadlines within the team.
* Strong time management, attention to detail and communications
skills with the team.