Job Description :

Job Qualifications:

The Database Administrator (DBA) would perform tuning, installation, backup and updates of the databases, manage user access and support users in the formulation of queries and reports. The DBA will Provide application development support for the application suite. Assist the software support department with technical/functional knowledge.

Job Requirements

Minimum 7 years Informix DBA experience on UNIX.
Experience with Informix 12.6 and 12.10
Demonstrated expertise in all aspects of database administration including performance tuning, installation, disaster & recovery planning, user administration.
over 5 years’ Experience with logical and physical designing of databases.
Experience with Oracle, DB2 and SQl-Server databases.
Some UNIX administration skills in SUN, HP-UX, AIX are a must.
Demonstrated expertise in tuning SQL for applications on the database.
Understanding of the application development life cycle and application design. Knowledge of distributed environments including Informix, Oracle, Client on Windows.
Expert level SQL programming abilities.
Ability to use Informix Interactive Debugger.
Experience with data warehousing techniques , Star Schema, etc.
Good communication skills and the ability to work in a
team are essential