Job Description :
Assist Risk team via Archer automation
to execute risk identification, quantification, and management efforts related to the technology organization.
To perform risk evaluation and assessment of likelihood and impact of findings, vulnerabilities and exceptions.
To generate periodic updates on risk management projects for senior executives.
- Provide input for plans, roadmaps, and prioritization for projects
- Build a network of relationships throughout the organization that can be leveraged to accomplish the broad requirements of this position.
Contribute unique mix of skills and experience to further development of the Risk Management program.

Bachelor''s degree
2+ years in RSA-Archer
Basic understanding of IT risk management, compliance and regulatory requirements
Understanding of basic business, finance and management concepts with the willingness to expand in this area as a core aspect of the role

Advanced degree in actuarial sciences mathematics, statistics or business
Proven risk management and control experience
Compliance/Governance experience (SOX, SOC,PCI)
Strong communicator
Ability to quickly comprehend a problem, develop a solution, and act on the solution
Strong critical thinking skills: developing and testing a hypothesis, then drawing logical conclusions
Ability to coordinate and motivate other people, especially those outside of a direct reporting relationship