Job Description :
Position: Information Architecture Consulting (Data/Technical)
Duration- 1 Year
Location: Rancho Cordova, CA

Job Description:
Roles and Responsibilities:

1) Consultant will participate and provide architecture expertise as it pertains to client data strategy.
2) Consultant shall provide pictorial and narrative document to support a project for each topic area as discussed below :
a) Strategy-
Create a short / long term roadmap that includes sequenced planning for initiatives that deliver solutions to meet identify business capability to be matured.
Create a governance model frameworks with well define roles and responsibilities to support improvement activities and/or initiatives.
Create a framework for governance policies (Data policies, Data Standards etc that can be formally defined documented and implemented.
b) Architecture-
Create a “GAP Analysis” based on “As- Is” discovery to define “TO-BE” target architecture.
Create a framework for data security policies, standards, controls and procedures that can be formally defined documented and implemented.
Create a framework for user accessibility policies, standards, controls and procedures that can be formally defined, documented and implemented.
c) Implementation-
Create a framework to plan for Data Integration and interoperability between new statewide HIMS and existing systems.

d) Operations –
Create a “concept of operations” for operational management with the excepted business model with goal of continuous improvements.
Create a “talent” document that describes a workforce strategy to own and maintain the describe system(s
Create a process for reporting and ongoing quality assessment.
Minimum of 5 years of experience required in –
1) Creating questionaries’ and information gathering along with method and approaches from stakeholder.
2) Demonstrating experience for designing, integration migration, deployment and operation along with hosting on environment i.e. SaaS (Software as a service), PaaS (Platform as a service
3) Demonstrating experience in facilitating and guiding discussions towards a common solution, with individuals and groups that may have competing business needs, objectives, and/or priorities.
4) Experiencing in facilitating discussions across varying levels of staff (executives, managers, supervisors, line-level staff
Desirable Qualifications:
Experience within:
i. Investment Management Review
ii. Procurement Practices
iii. Cross-agency Initiatives
iv. Program/Project
v. Technical Architecture