Job Description :
Title: Informatica Developer
No. of Positions: 3

Project Description: King County Information Technology (KCIT) is building a Data Warehouse (DW) for the King County Department of Transportation, Metro Transit division. The DW will be “platformed” in Microsoft Azure. Much of the development work will consist of building ETL jobs. The bulk of the jobs will use a standard design template. Some custom development will be required but will incorporate standard naming, logging, and error handling. King County’s standard ETL platform is the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Service (IICS

Scope: The Contractor’s role shall be to develop ETL jobs that (a) move data from Oracle and SQL Server source system databases to an Operational Data Store (ODS), (b) implement change data tracking, and (c) transform, integrate and move data from the ODS to the Data Store. The Contractor shall adhere to standard naming practices, design patterns, and testing processes. The Contractor shall have experience using the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) or Informatica Power Center.

Work Requirements: The Contractor requirements for this position shall include but are not limited to the following:
Code ODS load jobs
Implement Change Data Capture jobs
Implement data integration jobs (ODS to Data Warehouse)
Perform QA testing of other developers’ ETL jobs
Document ETL job designs and configuration information
Design and perform system integration testing
Design and perform user acceptance testing

Client : WA - KC -DOT