Job Description :
Informatica 8.6 Oracle 10g Test Developer (05173)
Albany, NY
24 Months
Rate 40$

Job Description:

1. Using Informatica to develop ETL mappings and workflows including the use of mapplets, reusable transformations and worklets.
2. Using Informatica Data Quality and Power Center.
3. Working with large and complex Oracle data warehouses, data marts and OLTP databases.
4. Following agency IT standards and procedures to develop and test ETL processes and migrate them from the Development environment thru the QA environment and into the Production environment.
5. Investigating and resolving data loading and/or data integrity issues.
6. Writing clear documentation.


1. 60 Months Demonstrated experience using Informatica 8.6 or higher in a data warehouse environment including warehousing concepts, design and development of complex mappings. #of months
2. 60 Months Demonstrated experience merging data from multiple sources, performing incremental updates and working on very large tables. #of months
3. 60 Months Demonstrated experience working with Oracle 10g or higher and PL/SQL. #of months
4. 60 Months Demonstrated experience specifying and conducting system testing (e.g. unit, integration, regression, load, performance) and user acceptance testing. #of months
5. 24 Months Demonstrated experience with ETL for Master Data Management and/or Healthcare Information Exchanges. #of months
6. 24 Months Demonstrated experience working with Patient Medical Records in State, Federal or Private Industry. #of months
7. 24 Months Demonstrated experience with Healthcare Interchange standards including HL7, CCD or CCR. #of months