Job Description :
Job Title: System Admin/ Application Support
Duration: 6 months+
Location: Oldsmar, FL
Interview Process: Phone then Video
Client Company: Nielsen Media Research

Required Skills:
Systems Administration RoleApplication Support) X 2 positions
Linux Systems Administration Exp. 3+ years
Supporting Java Based Applications in AWS
AWS Experience working with S3, EC2, Lambda
Project Details
Nielsen has a very large Enterprise application going in to production in 2 months. It collects large amounts of data from their Nano meters, which are installed in people’s homes. It is the 1st time they are launching an application this size entirely in the AWS Cloud. Currently they have a shared team of L3 support, who look at alerts and when something comes up they have to pull one of the developers to investigate and fix or manage. Because this new application launch is so critical to the business, they now want to hire 2 resources to be fully dedicated to only Nano support.
Day to Day Responsibilities
Will monitor and maintain the application and ensure that all backups are up and running properly. Check alerts and be able to drill down in to the system to figure out and fix incidents. Goal is to have people who are almost developer level so that they can address the incidents that are small fixes themselves as they arise, and only engage the developers for larger issues that really need the developers’ attention. Ensure that “lights are on” at all times for this application.