Job Description :
IT Service Manager
Cranston, RI Moving to Johnston, RI in next few months
3-6 month contract - could convert to FT

The IT Service Management Problem Manager is responsible for managing activities associated with IT Problem Management process and procedures, including, but not limited to:
Opens a Problem Record for SEV1 & 2 incidents
Attends Daily Incident Meeting
Assigns Problem Record
Facilitate Root Cause Analysis
Assists Problem Coordinators
Reviews all the problem records and ensures quality of RCA and action items
Performs Quality Audits
Manages Known Errors creation & maintenance
Responsible for the Weekly Problem Record Status Reporting The IT Service Management Change Coordinator is primarily responsible for managing the daily activities associated with CFG’s IT Change Management process and related procedures.

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Review IT Change requests to validate completeness and conduct impact & risk assessments
Partner closely with Change Owners and Implementers to mitigate identified risks and identify interdependencies
Facilitate / participate in CAB meetings, taking relevant notes and following up on any questions / concerns raised
Coach Change Requesters and Owners on change record “In good order” criteria
Support change monitoring and status communication activities
Support timely change closure activities ensuring documentation accuracy and completeness
Actively contribute to process improvement efforts
Other duties as assigned The IT Service Management Major Incident Manager is primarily responsible to manage the process to restore normal IT service operation as quickly as possible to minimize the impact to business operations.

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Coordinate all the activities on the major incident recovery bridge required to perform, monitor, and report on the service recovery process. This includes:
Document: o All troubleshooting and recovery actions taken: A chronology of events that can be used as evidentiary material for After Action Reviews and Executive Summaries Any ‘parking lot’ items that may need revisiting before the bridge closes Example: Ensuring any service or system shut down during recovery is returned to service
Responsible for engaging Business Incident Management to determine business impact or to secure business line testing and validation
Identify the Technology Recovery Manager and ensure the technology recovery process is managed with proper urgency and effectiveness
Ensure all technology recovery stakeholders are engaged and actively pursuing a recovery plan
Send recovery update communications to appropriate stakeholders
Engage the appropriate Service Owner for awareness (generally within 20/30 minutes of engagement on bridge)
Ensure escalations to senior level leadership and management in a timely manner when impact or risk warrants (internal and external)
Keep the major incident recovery bridge focused on the recovery process. Remediate any deviation from the process to ensure timely recovery
Be the point of contact for all decisions, including emergency change approval
Ensure the Incident ticket is given the proper severity level, is in the correct status, and is assigned to the appropriate assignee and team
Ensure the responsible party for any follow up actions or root cause analysis is determined and documented in the incident ticket prior to ending the recovery bridge
Monitor and implement Change Management Checkout
Review incidents queues for any potential issues and accelerate escalation
Other duties as assigned