Job Description :
IT Contract Administrator
Duration: 12+ months (Contract to hire Possibility)
Interview: 1) Phone Screen 2) Onsite Interview
Location: Allentown, PA

Job Summary
The IT Contract Administrator is responsible for tracking the lifecycle of contracts for third-party outsourced services (MSP) and partner vendors providing IT products and services key to the success.
Primary Responsibilities
Physical presence in the office/on-site to engage in face-to-face interaction and coordination of work among co-workers.
Adherence to company policies and procedures.
Successful completion of mandatory company-provided training.
Maintain knowledge of industry best practices regarding IT equipment, products, and services.
Assist with the preparation and revision of contracts that involve the purchase of IT equipment, products, and services.
Facilitate contract development meetings.
Assist in Service Level Requirement (SLR) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) development.
Prepare briefs summarizing contractual requirements, revisions, and budgets.
Prepare and communicate information to appropriate employees regarding contract status.
Support invoice processing to ensure accuracy.
Track contract renewal dates and proactively determine if renewal is required based on current business needs.
Assess business requirements and industry developments to determine if contract amendments are required.
Facilitate contract renewal meetings.
Prepare and submit contract renewal request.
Support SLA monitoring.
Manage vendor-initiated audits for license compliance.
Basic Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree and 3 years of related experience OR 6 years of related experience.
Excitement, curiosity, and passion for shaping the future through digital technology.
Proven ability to prioritize and execute tasks.
Highly self-motivated and directed with attention to detail.
Easily adapts to changing circumstances.
Understands business goals and strategic priorities.
Preferred Qualifications
Supply chain experience and experience working with managed services.