Job Description :
Position :: iOS Developer
Employment Type :: Contract
Location: :: Lehi, Utah

Description :
We have several opportunities for iOS Developers in Lehi, Utah. These individuals will be key developers on a small team contributing to the design, development and functionality of life saving products, as well as take on new projects, design new applications and create the mobile apps that support these products.

B.S. degree in a computer-oriented field OR 5+ years of work experience
iOS and Swift applications to share from the past 3+ years of development
Experience developing iOS apps in Swift
Several applications you have contributed towards or developed yourself that you have published and can share in the iTunes store
Experience with RESTful APIs and JSON or other website-based technologies
Experience with Git for source control
Experience creating a scalable architecture that you integrate with multiple systems

Ability to easily handle image manipulation and animation techniques
Experience with GCD, APNS, Keychain
Ability to connect via Bluetooth with an IoT device
Experience with Swift 3
Strong statistics or mathematics background

Team interaction with you regarding the architecture, and algorithm design is an enjoyable experience when you come to fast and effective solutions.
You feel a drive to contribute to the application and freely offer up innovative ideas around the products you are developing without reservation, because all ideas are received with true interest and open discussion.
Your participation in the creation of application design specifications, development, performance analysis and troubleshooting will result in the delivery of a high-quality iOS applications.
Striving for continual and improved communication makes sense to you and helps you feel productive.
You are proud to call your iOS code your own, even when it still needs improvement.
You have a feeling of accomplishment when you meet deadlines.
You consider yourself strong in Swift and continue to learn new things every day, without provocation.
Considering the user functionality of the application brings you to a new level of understanding what you are building and you strive to view your work this way.
You enjoy developing an interactive experience for all users of your applications.
You consider it more important to work on creating robust and durable applications than getting things done fast.
Debugging your own code is something that you consider important and part of producing quality work.
You enjoy sharing your knowledge and understanding with those you work with, or who you may be mentoring.