Job Description :

· Design and build application iOS platform.

· Ensure and check for performance, quality and responsiveness of the application.

· Introducing best practices and socializing the same to the team.

· Collaborate with team to design and develop features.

· Use performance-checking tools and address memory leaks.

· Understand the existing software eco system and application code base

· Provide solutions and troubleshoot the issues.

· Translate designs and wireframes into high quality code

· Identify bottlenecks and fix bugs

· Adhere to client’s software development processes and best practices

· Ability to rapidly learn and make the team aware of same to take advantage of new concepts, business models, and technologies.

Required Skills:

· Well versed in Swift and Cocoa touch

· Experience with iOS frameworks like Core Data, Core Animation, and Cocoa Pods.

· Familiarities in Apple push notifications.

· Experience with storage techniques, threads and performance tuning.

· Understanding of Apple design guidelines and Human Interface guidelines.

· Good understanding of distributed version control system – Git

· Experience with RESTful APIs to connect with backend services.

· Experience in different authentication mechanisms like OAuth2 and HMAC

· Familiarity with JWE (JSON Web Encryption) and JWT (JSON Web Token)

· Proficient understanding of code versioning tools and continues integrations

Nice to Have Skills:

· Experience in Visa Token Service or any other Payment service provider

· Familiarity with integrating NFC enabled devices through Host Card Emulation