Job Description :
Local candidates preferred, but not required.
Relocation to the Little Rock, AR or surrounding area is required as you must be physically present in the office for this position.

-A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical field.
-Minimum of five years of operations, maintenance, and administration experience in a clustered enterprise WebSphere environment.
-Minimum of five years of experience working in a Unix environment.

Complete Description
- Build new WebSphere environments or add to existing ones. Perform patching and maintenance of WebSphere environments. Provide production support and deployment of application code and any needed WebSphere configurations.
-Use of application monitoring tools such as CA Wily Introscope, Dynatrace, Splunk, scripted alerts, in conjunction with analysis of WebSphere thread and heap dumps to perform problem investigation and resolution in coordination with the application support teams.
- Perform daily application health checks for CPU utilization, memory heap utilization, thread usage, and response times.
-Experience creating scripts (wsadmin, shell, Jacl, Jython, etc) for WebSphere automation tasks.
-Expertise in the setup and configuration of deployment managers, WAS clusters, WAS nodes, SSL configuration and application deployment.
-Keep current with emerging software enhancements, security patches and bug fixes.
-Work with application development groups to tune and troubleshoot their applications within a fault-tolerant WebSphere environment.
-Create and update system documentation.
-Acts as a liaison with other project teams such as architecture and development to engineer requirements and/or determination of problems.
-Evaluate overall system performance to develop and implement recommendations to address and resolve any issues.
-Manages system integrity and availability and support capacity planning efforts.
-Proficient in architecture, installation, setup and configuration of IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5+ and IHS server 8.5+. Proficient in configuring J2EE Enterprise Applications in multi-cell and multi-node environments.
- Experience in configuring WebSphere resources such as JDBC providers, data sources, MQ queue connection factories, queue destinations and MDB listeners.
-Under general direction, devises or modifies procedures to solve complex problems.
-Deployment, administration and operational support of (production, staging, test and development) environments for multiple projects using WebSphere Application Server.
-Minimal supervision required.

-Thorough understanding of WebSphere 8.x+, including migration and upgrade experience.
-Experience with J2EE application platform configuration and performance optimization.
-Strong understanding of SSL and TLS communications and SSL certificate management.
-Hands on experience in the installation, configuration, tuning/sizing, clustering, deployment and problem resolution of WebSphere middleware components.
-Knowledgeable on Websphere integration with LDAP, Active Directory, and other Single Sign On (SSO) solutions.
-High standards of quality and integrity.
-Strong knowledge of Unix and scripting.
-IBM Certified System Administrator - WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V8.0 certification a plus.

-IBM WebSphere 8.x+ environments.
-Tuning the WebSphere environment and underlying JVM.
-Work with the project teams to determine project requirements for all WebSphere environments.
-Analyze processes to determine if efficiency gains can be actualized through process automation.
-Understands and adheres to proper change control procedures.
-Installing EARs, WARs and configuring application specific WebSphere and JVM settings.
-Maintains technical documentation to reflect changes to the environment.
-Developing automation scripts to accomplish day to day tasks and processes.
-Analyzing system logs and identifying potential issues.
-Responsible for security and configuring and updating the WebSphere security baseline.
-Answering technical queries and assisting users.
-Ensuring that the WebSphere infrastructure is up and running.
-Provide 24x7 after hours support on a rotating basis.
-Perform other work related duties as assigned.

Long term

Required / Desired Skills
Skill Required / Desired Amount of Experience
Scripting Technoloties: Bash, Perl, Python, etc. Required 5 Years
Unix Required 5 Years
Websphere Migration & Upgrade Experience Required 5 Years
J2EE Application Platform Configuration & Performance Optimization Highly desired 5 Years
SSL & TLS Required 5 Years
WebSphere Middleware Installation, Configuration, Tuning/Sizing Required 5 Years
Knowledge of configuration management tools: Puttet, CHef, Ansible, etc. Highly desired
Familiarity with Jboss Fuse Middleware, Jenkins, SVN, and continuous integration technologies, methodologies, and best practices Highly desired