Job Description :
8+ years of experience with DB2 SQL development and DB2 administration
Experienced in analysis, architecture, design, installation, configuration, administration, operation, and maintenance of database systems
Experienced in supporting very large, complex automated systems using both custom and off-the-shelf enterprise and business applications. Expert-level skill and knowledge in database design and development, as evidenced by the following:
o Experience working with IBM PureScale
o Experience working with IBM Data Studio
o Candidates have experience with DB2 UDB for Linux
Expert-level skill and knowledge of following database design, development, and administration-related concepts, methods and tools:
o Physical and Logical Data Modeling (e.g., with UML)
o Database Definition Language (DDL)
o Writing SQL stored procedures
o Index analysis
o Normalization and de-normalization
o Referential integrity
o Data replication concepts
o Locking Strategies
o Reporting Tools
o analytical processing (OLAP)
Proficiency in writing SQL procedures, functions and packages for administration and application support and experience with Q replication, Range partitioned tables, Hash partitioned tables, Replicated MQT and MDC
Experience in working with db2 specific tools such as db2pd, db2dart, db2support, db2top, db2inspect, db2advis, db2explain, db2diag
Demonstrated ability to solve complex systems and database environment issues.
Experience providing appropriate Database Performance tuning support with

Client : Deloitte