Job Description :
High Performance Computing Specialist



The High Performance Computing Specialist works with a small team of specialized individuals responsible for the architecture, design, implementation, and maintenance of software and computing systems in the High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF Responsible for assisting St. Jude researchers with porting, optimizing, debugging, and modifying their codes to run on HPCF systems. Responsible for performing benchmarking on HPCF systems and tuning system hardware and software for optimal performance. Responsible for developing training materials and documentation relevant to HPCF systems. Assists HPCF systems engineers, HPCF system administrators, storage team, and networking team with day-to-day operations. Maintains a complex range of scientific application software and source code repositories.

Minimum Education:

Master's degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or a related field is required.

Doctorate in a field of Computational Science or Computational Mathematics with experience in high performance computing is preferred.

Minimum Experience:

Two (2) years of systems administration experience in a high performance computing environment is required.

Previous experience in a scientific research environment is preferred.

Previous experience with parallel software development is preferred.

Practical experience with machine learning and statistical techniques such as probabilistic graphical models and Bayesian inference is required.

Practical experience with software development in Java, Jython, Python, or another programming language in common use for imaging analysis is required.

Experience with using and developing macros and/or plugins for common image analysis tools such as Imaris, ImageJ, FIJI, MATLAB, Arivis Vision4D and CellProfiler is highly preferred.

Experience in current imaging techniques, acquisition software, and modeling and analysis of light and electron microscopy image data and modeling and analysis of high-throughput -omics data is highly preferred.

Experience with high performance computing and general purpose GPU computing in support of imaging analysis is highly preferred.

Client : St. Jude Children's Research Hospital