Job Description :
Direct End Client: State of Pennsylvania
Job Title: Help Desk Analyst 1 (HDA1)
Duration: 07 Months
Start Date: 11/13/2018
Location: Dauphin County
Position Type: Contract
Interview Type: Either Webcam Interview or In Person
Requirement ID: SPA_HD722_MA

Required Skills: (1 to 3 years field experience )

Effectively operate a Windows PC.
Effective oral and written communication skills
Mainframe Operations
High speed, large volume production printer support

Department: DOR

Project : Transition Readiness - Data Quality

This position is considered essential. Essential means they need to report to their work location for their entire shift when other non-essential state employees do not. Examples include but are not limited to early dismissals for holiday and inclement weather.

In accordance with the terms of Contract No, and the duties of staff augmentation personnel outlined therein, staff augmentation personnel shall provide complete knowledge transfer to the Department of all tasks and projects assigned by the Department. Knowledge transfer includes complete written documentation including systems design, technical design and specifications, and coding to the Department for all tasks and projects to which personnel are assigned.


Sets up high speed printers and impact printers.
Physically checks printing quality and monitors printer performance.
Properly removes jams or other printer related print stoppages.
Removes, separates and distributes all output from printers.
Ensures stock room is organized and clean. Maintains a shift report of all incidents encountered.

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