Job Description :

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Role: Healthcare Writers (Medicaid)

Max Bill/Rate = $25/hour

Location: Plano, TX

Duration: 12 months

will need between 4-5 Healthcare Writers that have experience working on a Medicaid Account. Please source and provide resumes to me directly, as I will send directly to the managers.

See position details below:
- Previous experience working on a Medicaid Account
- Claims processing for the State
- Either employed by the State (Ohio, Michigan, Texas, etc, or by a State Agency
- Fiscal Agent experience
- Experience Writing Proposals

1. What is the business purpose or project that this resource will be supporting?
Resources will be supporting State and Local Medicaid procurements, specifically during the proposal phase of the pursuit.

2. What are 3 must have technical skills?
1. Resources must have a working knowledge of the commonly associated business functions required by State agency Medicaid programs as described below under the heading of Description of Skills Required for Business Function Writing Resources for State and Local Healthcare Opportunities.
2. Understanding the solutions to support the previously stated business functions.
3. Strong writing and interviewing skills.

3. What are 3 must have soft skills?
1. Ability to translate complex solutions into business value to the client.
2. Must be an excellent listener.
3. Ability to edit the work of other writers, when needed.

4. What type of individuals excel in your environment and why?
1. Individuals who have worked previously on a Medicaid MMIS account.
2. Individuals who have worked within a State Medicaid Agency.
2. Individuals who have experience writing large government healthcare proposals.

5. How many years of experience as a Technical Writer are you looking for?
As previously stated, we are seeking the support of individuals who have critical knowledge of the business functions of a Medicaid Management Information System. The focus on their writing will be on planning, executing and delivering services to a State Agency in support of providing healthcare to the State’s enrolled members.

6. What type of background (Healthcare, particularly focused on State and Local Medicaid business but can be other large healthcare implementations, Financial, Government, etc?

Description of Skills Required for Business Function Writing Resources for
State and Local Healthcare Opportunities

The candidates must have excellent writing and verbal communications skills. They must be able to analyze ambiguous RFP requirements, write clarifying questions when necessary, develop outlines, and write responses. Previous experience supporting an MMIS account or Medicaid state agency is a plus.

The candidates must also possess a detailed understanding of the initiatives and changes for Medicaid eligibility, claims processing and reporting when responding to Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) or Fiscal Agent Services including, but not limited to, the following bid opportunities:
MMIS design, develop and implement (DDI) bids
MMIS takeover bids
MMIS replacement bids
MMIS new business bids

The successful candidate will demonstrate knowledge of healthcare solutions and related business processes and be able to write to the state-specific RFP requirements that may contain one or more of the following:
Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) 3 Level State Self-Assessment tools and initiatives
Provider Services
Operations, including claims processing
Member services
Program Management
Financial Management
Care Management
Data Warehouse
Document Management
Managed Care
Third-Party Liability programs (TPL)
Program Integrity (PI) solutions, including MMIS Fraud and Detection
Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM)