Job Description :
3-5 Years of x86 Troubleshooting/Debug/Root-Cause Experience at the Component level (CPU, DIMM, HDD, add-in cards
· X86 Architecture: Knows the difference between CPU, GPU, Chipset, Southbridge & Northbridge. Can draw a block diagram from memory on how the following components are connected in an Intel 2P Server: CPU, DRAM, PCIe, Chipset, SATA, USB, Video, KB, Mouse & SSD
· BIOS – understands what BIOS is and the major differences between Legacy & UEFI. Can modify BIOS Settings to change boot order, modify memory timing, enable/disable Southbridge components.
· Windows Domain Infrastructure: Given 2 server class systems and the Windows 2012 R2 x64 ISO, can build a Windows Domain + WDS/SCCM Imaging Environment, then, image 1000 blades over PXe using the new environment
· Network Switches: knows how to connect to a Cisco Switch via RS232 Serial and modify the switch settings.
· Bonus Request - X86 Validation: Has run x86 Validation Testing or Test Cases (network, throughput, latency)
· Bonus Request - Documentation: Candidate has previous experience writing simple Test Cases and/or How To documentation