Job Description :
"Windows Azure Server Hardware
Implementation of High End Infrastructures using various Operating Systems.
Testing Rack Servers, associated Hardware and Firmware and rack level devices (such as CPU, BIOS, BMC, HDD, SSD, NVME SSD, DIMM , NVDIMM, Rack manager, serial server and chassis manager)
Installation, configuration, upgrades, functionality and performance testing of rack servers and devices
Qualification reports/reporting for Hardware Commodities and Inventory
HDD (RAID), Array controller, CPU (Performance) etc.
Experience in Hardware Qualification Testing of Desktop and x86 Server class motherboards/Processor boards or Experience in Embedded Hardware Verification and Testing of High Speed Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
Experience with Electronic Hardware Test Lab Equipment such as Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Network Analyzer for validation testing of complex digital boards.
Experience in performing hardware qualification testing of Storage Devices such as SSD''s, HDD''s, DDR4/DDR3 SODIMM Modules etc.
Experience with high speed serial interfaces such as PCIe 3.0, USB 3.0, SATA 2.0/3.0, HDMI etc,
Experience with Test suites for performing hardware qualification testing of x86 Server class motherboards and storage devices or experience with Hardware Test Automation using Python or Labview or similar tools
Experience in Designing/Developing Test Plans and Test Cases to perform Hardware Qualification Testing "