Job Description :
Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent required from an accredited institution. Will also consider three years of progressive experience in the specialty in lieu of every year of education.
At least 4 years of relevant experience in Information Technology.

Flume - Basic understanding of core core components: Event, Source, Sink, Channel, Agent, Client; Channel types; Source types; Interceptors; Selectors; Regular Expressions (regex)
Kafka – Basic understanding of core elements: Topic, Producer, Consumer, Broker; Role of Zookeeper; Partitioning; Replication; Offsets
Hadoop HDFS - Basic understanding of core core components: Name Node, Secondary Name Node, Data Node; HDFS storage system; Metadata; File size and Block size impacts; Replicas; Command line utilities; Sqoop
Spark - Basic understanding of core core components: Local Hadoop HDFS and Data Nodes, Node Manager, Resource Manager; RDDs; Executors; Virtual cores; Spark-submit and parameters
Splunk - Ability to search and create dashboards and alerts Linux - Understanding of Linux commands
Linux agents – Basic understanding of agent implementation in Linux
Log Rotation – Understanding of logrotate.d
Scripting – Understanding and ability to write shell scripts
Python - Basic understanding of code and execution
Screen - Basic understanding of the screen utility
Crontab - Understanding of crontab scheduling
Troubleshooting and Diagnostics
Strong inter-personal and communication skills
Ability to troubleshoot complex technical issues quickly and completely
Deep understanding of IP, TCP, UDP, SSL/TLS protocols
Must be customer- and result-oriented
Experience managing a production environment

Client : Infosys