Job Description :
Top Requirements:
1. 1-2 years with Hadoop administration
2. Red hat/Linux
3. Enterprise experience (Phil is looking for someone who has worked within a company that enforced strict rules and regulations)
4. Communication is key as the other members of the team all work remote. Therefore, written and telecommunication are going to be huge

· Implementation and support of Enterprise Hadoop Infrastructure
· Troubleshooting issues that arise and remedy existing concerns
· System Support, including compliance
· Work with the team to help Install Software

· Minimum of 5-7 years of System Administration Experience
· Minimum of 1-2 Years with Hadoop
· Ideal candidate will have worked with Large Enterprises
· Experience working with Red Hat Linux
· Communication is Key as the members of the team all sit in different locations. (Strong email and over the phone communication is a must)

Client : Wells Fargo